The Fitbox Story

On the 28th of May 2017, we launched a FITBOX. It marked our entry into the business of fitness. With extreme excitement, passion and investment, we started our journey. As the years went by, we grew more and more. We pride ourselves with always being a client-centric organisation though it deviated focus from the financial growth of the business. It has always been important to us to not only do things but do them well.

When we turned our attention to our business data, the outcome blew us away. We had come to the conclusion that the fitness industry was designed to fail. It came as a shock since the fitness industry is set to be the largest growing industry not just in the country, but across the world. We at FITBOX, under the guidance of founder, Digen Varma, have made it our mission to change the fitness industry one centre at a time. We aim at making fitness convenient and change the way the industry is looked at today. We had to find a way to do business in a satisfactory and sustainable way.

Welcome to FITBOX 2.0

A whole new way of looking at fitness


We are creating an open and accepting atmosphere where your fitness and health is the main focus. The core of our company focuses on making fitness convenient for you. Breaking the continuous routine that is associated with this sector is what we aim at. It’s fitness on your time. Our vision is to channelize the earth's most physically hard working people to create a career that is respectful and self-dependent with power that makes healthy living accessible with professionalism and knowledge along with ethics of expert while providing fitness services to humanity.


Digen Varma

FITBOX INDIA founder and entrepreneur, Digen Varma goes all out to have his niche carved into the fitness industry. Well, his new venture is a whole stomping ground for the fitness freaks with world class fitness equipment and he’s going international with the activities and Indian with the approach - budgeted offerings. What a heady mix! This self-indulgent earthling had his education come to him from all other sources other than books. His learnedness begins as a Commerce graduate from Symbiosis College, Pune to follow through a Business Management Diploma at SP Jain, Mumbai.

So he contrasts every stereotype to his Marwari upbringing where he was handed over his family jewelry biz by his father to take care of. Of course he handled it extremely well but this was not to satisfy a person whose head is brimming with ideas and interests 24-7-365.